Bed & Breakfast in Sremski Karlovci
Šomin Lagum
The Šoma family decided to renew the old family house in the historic center of Sremski Karlovci so the visitors can enjoy the culture and the traditions of Srem and Vojvodina.

Here you will find a quiet corner between the Danube River and the Fruška Gora hills.
Rooms Šomin Lagum (Shomas cellar)
Šomin Lagum is a 200 years old familiar house, which is placed in the historic center of Sremski Karlovci. Šoma is the nickname of an old family of the town, the Janković. It is a very cozy and quiet corner in the country, a good place to rest. The family decided to reorganize this house in order to provide the visitors the pleasant stay in touch with Serbian and Vojvodina's uses and traditions. Šomin Lagum has 3 double rooms, each with a private bath, a main room, the kitchen and the garden. In the garden guests can have breakfast or spend some time reading or sunbathing. Traditionally in the cellar our ancestors made wine and rakija-brandy. It is possible to visit it and have a local wine tasting and visit the little family museum.

Ul. Svetozara Markovića br. 8, 21205 Sremski Karlovci - Srbija
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